On-Premise Laundry

On-Premise Laundry

At Ross Chemical Systems, we work closely with a variety of on-premise laundries from a range of applications, including hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, vet clinics, fire departments and salons.

We understand every critical aspect of an on-premise laundry development, renovation and improvement and represent the highest quality equipment – washers, dryers, ironers, folders and stackers.

We provide on-premise and commercial laundry clients with a free laundry analysis that helps determine their laundry's productivity and labor requirements, equipment mix, layout and workflow. As a full-service distributor, we also provide cleaning chemicals and machine programming geared specifically to item/fabric types and soil content. This is in addition to installation and service after the sale!

One-Stop Shop

As your one-stop shop, Ross Chemical provides exceptional on-premise laundry equipment, chemicals and technical service. We'll keep your laundry running productivity and smoothly for years to come!

On-Premise Laundry Equipment

OPL Washer-Extractors

We carry an array of washers for
On-Premise laundry that will meet
your laundry needs at any size.

OPL Drying Tumblers
Drying Tumblers

Our supply of dryers are top of the line
in the industry, you will be shocked at
how fast they dry your laundry.

OPL Flatwork Ironers
Flatwork Ironers

Have the perfect iron and fold with one
of our flatwork ironers. You’ll love how
easy it is to operate, and how fast your ironing and folding is done.

OPL Ancillary Items
Ancillary Items

We have the perfect items to compliment your On-Premise laundry.