Altoona Fire Department

Chief Jerry Whetstone

EM055L washer, CG3040 Tumbler

I feel spoiled. The washer had all the cycles we need programmed into it, the chemical dispenser was hooked to it and they showed us how to process our gear through the laundry process, all at the time of installation. They come by on a regular basis and recheck to make sure everything is functioning correctly and if we need any products for the machine. Sometimes I forget it’s there because it always works when we need it. The few times we had a break down someone was here in a few hours to repair it.

Marian Home Care Center

Jean Lawman, Director of
Environmental Services

H2030PM, H2055PM & EH055I Washers, DRH80CG & KTT45 Tumblers

We feel the entire Ross Chemical System staff do an excellent job in taking care of us on a regular basis. We love our newest Intelli Microprocessor controlled washer and wish all our other washers had it also. With just a glance I know what cycle is running, where it is in the cycle, what the wash temperature is and how much time is left before it’s finished. We now can save money when processing smaller loads, with the weight adjustment, saving water and chemical usage. It displays what the problem is when a malfunction occurs, allowing our staff to diagnose most of the few break downs. I would recommend them to anyone.

Ramsey Village

Judy McCollough, Director of Environmental Services

L1050PM, H2055PM & EH055I washers, DRH80CG & CG5060 Tumblers

I love the programmability, durability and ease of use of the Continental washers. I never had machines that worked so durable. They are very easy to operate, train new staff how to use and give us a wide variety of wash cycle for our linens. The employees at Ross Chemical Systems are GREAT! They are always here if we need them and keep tabs on us regularly to make sure everything is operating normally for us. I would’t use anyone else.

Frenchway Cleaners

Mike McBroom, Owner

3- EH055I Washers

I am very pleased with the products and services Ross Chemical Systems have provided to us. They preformed excellently about equipment recommendation, sizing, installation and service after the sale. There wasn’t any hidden cost or fees occurred and they did what they said they would do. The Continental washers are an excellent piece of equipment with many options available in the programming but are very easy to operate and train staff how to use. On a scale of 1-10 for service, I would rate Ross Chemical Systems, Inc. a 10+! I would recommend Ross Chemical Systems and Continental machines to anyone!